Well, well, hello there Dell. Welcome to the Windows 8 bandwagon. Hopefully you’re here to stay and stop that courtship with Linux Smile. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Dell with me into Windows Store. We already have HP Wares App, now we also have Dell in the Store. Like the title says, this is a window into Dell’s Webshop, buy Dell’s hardware and software, and wetware. Get latest Dell’s info and specifications on products and of course Order directly out of the application. Here Dell Inc’s description of the app:

Tap into the app to find everything at Dell. With Dell Shop, you can find the perfect new Dell PC or get more from your current PC with custom-recommended electronics and accessories from top manufacturers. Using your System ID, Dell Shop can identify your Dell PC and make compatible suggestions. And even if your PC isn’t a Dell, you can still use Dell Shop to buy those must-have items. You’ll find easy access to the most popular accessories, from monitors, printers, projectors, mice and bags, to wireless routers and external storage. And if you’re looking to outfit a home theater, home office, dorm room or a creative studio, you’ll find complete solutions right here.
Creative Studio:
Whether you want to capture life’s milestones in photos and videos to share with friends and family, or you want to show an audience the world as you see it, the ideal studio will let you create like a pro.  You’ll find everything you need to capture, edit, organize, store and share your photos with Dell Shop.
Home Theater:
We’ve recommended equipment for a media room that lets you find and watch your favorite movies and shows, stream music and photos from your computer and get everyone moving with the latest games. Best of all, you’ll do it with cinematic-quality surround sound and picture, no wires and just one remote control.
Dorm Room:
A dorm room is many things: home away from home, library, lounge. You need to be able to print a 20-page term paper, then grab a game controller and whoop your roommate. Gather friends for movie night on a TV that doubles as your monitor by day. No matter what you study, with Dell’s recommendations and support, you’ll double major in work/life balance
Home Office:
Flexibility is the key to a superb home office. Whether the budget is for your business or your household. Whether the printouts are for customers or teachers. No matter if you have a small staff or a big family. Dell’s experts have selected the products that will best ensure you can handle whatever comes through the door.
Download Dell Shop today and start getting the most from your Dell PC.

Shop: Find and compare top accessories, including monitors, printers, projectors, mice, bags, wireless routers and external storage.
Search: Locate a product based on specific search criteria such as keywords, model number or item number.
Get personalized recommendations: Share your Dell Service Tag ID to narrow search results to only items that are compatible with your Dell PC.
Note: Some features may not be available in all countries.


Well, that a long and detailed description. This is actually a very good App, you can see the effort that went into it from the screenshot already. If you are a Dell customer or you want to order something from Dell, this is the app to use. I just love shopping within a Metro App, very natural. Download the app via the Source.

Source: Windows Store