[Update 2012-10-24: OK, I have just been informed my oversight, that this app will not work on Windows 8 RT, i.e. will not work on ARM devices, this is an Intel x86 platform only app; for now.]

They say, when do you know you are on the winning streak? When your enemy comes to your camp bearing gifts. Yes Google acknowledges Windows 8 feasibility by bring their Search App to Windows 8. Ok maybe I am a bit overly here, you can equally say what’s the point, Google has apps on iOS, on Windows Phone etc, so why not Windows 8? Ok, you may be right, but Windows 8 is a different story entirely. Google has reached a point of independence that it doesn’t need Microsoft anymore to succeed, they even have their own ChromeOS right.

Google Search brings the Search war to the Bing App in the Store. Search results are not displayed for example in an external browser, but displayed in an iFrame built into the app. Here is Google Inc.’s description of the App from the Store:

The world’s information at your fingertips. A familiar, fast, and precise way to find answers on your Windows 8 device.

Google Searchbox – Type your search right from the app home screen, so you can find the answers you need more quickly.
Voice Search –  Use your microphone to ask Google anything and see the answer instantly.
Image Search – Watch images load into a beautiful full-screen grid. Select images you like or swipe through to see more results.
Search Charm – By installing the Google Search app, you can easily access Google from the Search Charm.
Instant Previews mode – Browse search results without having to visit each page.
View Your Searches – Swipe from the top to see the sites you visited most recently, categorized by keyword.
Google Apps page – Access all your favorite Google products from within the app with just the tap of an icon.
Google Instant – No need to press Enter – see results instantly as you type.


So, Google may not have Chrome ready to compete with IE10 fully on Windows, but what this app does is try to isolate Google’s users from getting too used to Microsoft solutions. I wouldn’t call it a panic attack, but its close. Have you got a lot invested in Google’s universe, then you’ll need this app. So go ahead and download it via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store