Another big name Company has arrived in the Store. British Airways has officially joined the Windows 8 Metro party with this App. With the app, BA wants you to know about the places they fly to so you can easily make you choice of places you want to fly to with BA. There is not much of screenshots to go with in the Store but but seeing the size of the app in the Store, 115Mb in total, it certainly comes packed. Here is BA’s description in the Store:

Finding a great place to visit is easier than ever with the British Airways Inspiration app. This app allows you to explore many of the great places that British Airways fly to, discover places that are just the right temperature, and learn how to spend a perfect day in many of the cities.

Discover destinations based on temperature, month, and what they are best for
Explore what our customers think makes a perfect day
Experience British Airways cabins

If you don’t mind the size of the App, please download via the Source Link below.

Source: Windows Store