Here we go, T-Mobile got their acts together and released My T-Mobile app in the Store. With the Developer Preview then, they released an app that no-one used, now they’ve come back with gun blazing and released an actually useful app for Windows 8. With this App, you can now keep an eye on your T-Mo’s universe; Tile and App inclusive. Got LTE? You want to get this app before LTE sucks out all your bits and you start paying through your nose. Here how T-Mobile describes the App in the Store:

My T-Mobile provides an integrated Mobile Broadband account experience for Windows 8 OS.  The live-tile displays the current data usage information, billing cycle, and key notifications from T-Mobile.  It intelligently determines the currently associated plan to show the appropriate experience in a simple and intuitive manner based on the status of the plan.  Provides a seamless connection experience to purchase plans or to top-up data.  Saves all the T-Mobile toast pop-up notifications for later viewing.  Help & Support section provides friendly troubleshooting and self-help tips.
This application requires a T-Mobile data SIM card to function.


If you are a T-Mobile US Customer, you’ll definitely need this app. So you’d better get this into your toolbox via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store