The first truly-working ePub reader is now in the Store. BookReader truly works with non-DRMed eBooks. The App leverages the full feature of Metro Design Language to bring a pleasurable reading experience to Windows 8 devices unlike some Reader Apps in the Store. Hello Kindle app, I am looking at you!

As mentioned, the only disadvantage here is non-support for DRM. But then, there is enough free ebook resource out there, so you won’t regret this app; and what’s more, its free. Here is the Dev’s description of the App from the Store:

Enjoy your eBooks with comfort on beautiful multicolumn interface.
DRM protected ePubs (like iTunes or Kindle) are not supported, sorry.

Support of DRM-free ePub and Txt books
Multicolumn modern interface
Day/In Door/Night Themes with selection of Fonts
Landscape or Portrait orientation
Table of content for both ePub and Txt


Did I mentioned you can get up to 3 reading columns on a 1080p display, i.e. if you have SurfacePro, this is your reader of choice. Get it now while its free via the Source link.

Source: Windows Store