4 Elements II Gameplay
4 Elements II Gameplay
Xbox games are rolling in to Windows 8. Today, we have two more Xbox games for you to enjoy on your PC. One of the neat things about Windows 8 is the Xbox LIVE integration. For the first time, Windows users will be able to enjoy what Xbox users have been able to enjoy for years. With leaderboards, achievements, and Xbox avatar, the entire Xbox experience now comes bundled in with Windows 8. Furthermore, users are able to play some Xbox games with others regardless of platforms; that is, users will be able to play with others a game even if one is on, say Windows 8 PC while the other is on Windows Phone.

For a while, we had several games on Xbox for Windows 8, including Microsoft Solitaire collection, Microsoft Minesweeper, Pinball FX 2, and several others. Today, we have two new games to the collection, and they are 4 Elements II (click to download), and Rocket Riot 3D (click to download). 4 Elements II, which was actually released a couple of days ago, is an interesting match 3 puzzle game while Rocket Riot 3D is an retro style action game, similar to the popular Castle Crashers for the Xbox 360.

The Windows Store is a difficult place to find these games, I admit, given the flood of games rolling in. You can find these games more easily by launching the pre-installed “Games” app on Windows 8. Refer to the screenshot below.

Windows Games Store


What are your thoughts on these games? I hope to write a review on the games I find interesting. In the meantime, let me know what you think!