Well, this could be the most practical App in the Store at the moment. Windows 8 Cheat Keys is an app designed to lessen the pain of switching to Windows 8 for those Keyboard-huggers amongst us. You don’t have to go look all over the Internet for that Key combination to quickly get the job done, all you need is bring up this gem and do a search for the Keyboard combination. And what’s more, the app checks once a while to see if there are new Keyboard definitions from the authors and automatically download for you and displays on the App Tile. To keep the app free of charge, it is Ad Supported as you can see, but you won’t mind for those few minutes that you have to spend in the App anyway. Here is quoting the vendor from the Store:

Windows 8 Cheat Keys helps to teach the keys and other tips that allow users to get around quickly in Windows 8. Find shortcuts for this familiar features as well as many, many new and handy ones.
Windows 8 Cheat Keys will introduce the user to keys and tips at only a few per day for maximum retention and understanding. It supports Windows 8 Search, Share, Notifications, and has an updating live tile.

Learn windows 8 shortcut keys, gestures, and features.
Get notified of several tips daily to help build your repertoire, productivity, and, of course, impress your friends.
Supports Sharing. Share tips with friends by e-mail, social media, and more.
Search for tips within the app or from Windows.
Toast notifications let you know when new shortcuts or tips are available.
Live tile updates display new shortcut keys and tips on your Start screen.


This is one of those Apps that comes along and you hit yourself on the head with “why didn’t I think of this before”, so simple and yet so effective for Pros and Beginners alike. Nicely done indeed.

Go get the app and add it to your toolset. You’ll definitely need it. Download via the following Source link.

Source: Windows 8 Store