Office 2013 Logo

Paul Thurrott provides some interesting news that we should note. According to him, this is an exclusive story revealed by him, yesterday. He had the following to say:
“I have some exclusive news about Office for iOS and Android…a good source of mine gave me better specifics about general availability: I was told that general availability of Office 2013 is expected in the last week of January or first week of February 2013. Furthermore, if you’ve seen rumors about Office 2013 for iOS and Android, they’re happening, but the products will only be made available via the subscription Office offerings, and hit in April. This will give a user rights to use Office on 5 PCs and/or Macs and 5 devices.”
So it seems that not only does your Office 365 subscription cover 5 PCs, they will also cover additional 5 devices. Wow, that’s a bargain. What do you think?