Logitech has joined Microsoft Hardware in the Store by releasing an app for their top of the line Cameras. With this app you can  perform some basic adjustments and Register and reach Forums for issues.

This is quoting Logitech from the Store:

Logitech Camera is a device application you can use to make settings for you Logitech web camera.  It is designed to work with all Windows8-style applications installed on your computer, including Microsoft Camera.  Any Windows 8 video application has the ability to access the Logitech Camera options.
You can make changes to standard settings as brightness, contrast and focus.  In addition to the standard webcam settings, Logitech Camera offers a true differentiation from other vendors with genuine features such as Digital Zoom & Move and Face Tracking.
Logitech Camera also provides direct access to camera support for your specific webcam.  You can also access Logitech camera forums.

Intuitive zoom and move controls
Face tracking

Download the app via the source link below and come back to tell the world your experience with this app.

Source: Windows Store