Here we go Ladies and Gentlemen, the GA is approaching fast and Microsoft delights us all by updating all the Built-In Apps. But right on the heels of Microsoft, serious App Developers are releasing  updates to their apps too. We’ve been seeing a lot of app Updates in the Store and just a minute ago MetroTwit also updates in the Store. I’ll be updating with new features, but just to let you know, see for yourselves. Investigating here.


Ok here are the updates:

  1. Ad Supported, sometimes the Ad refresh steals the focus from the Tweet box when you’re composing. Also block app features too.
  2. New App Bar featuring more options.
  3. Windows 8 Spelling Check Support
  4. Now you can insert you Map Location in Tweets
  5. You can now add multiple Profiles via the App Bar
  6. MetroTwit now supports Lists!
  7. Trend Search is back
  8. New Read Indicator overlay on Tweets
  9. Now with improved Settings from which you can  remove Ads with Activation after purchase
  10. Now with a built-in Web Browser
  11. MetroTwit now supports Notification Toast!
  12. In-tweet Photo display now available


So here we are. MetroTwit has finally grown up, and the best thing is if you’ve already purchased the Desktop Version, now you can use this Software Ad Free!
Letop, you may not see this Update yet, so please be patient till it propagates down to you.

P.S. You may want to check back as I’ll add new features I discover to this post later today.

Source: Windows Store