You can say what you like about Windows 8 not being good for the Business World, but the Business World dealing with ordinary people like you are me are noticing and jumping already on the Windows 8 Metro bandwagon. Another attestation is this, right here in front of you. Who can move the masses like Oprah? If Oprah give thumbs up, the rest of America follows. I consider this a thumbs up from Operah Winfrey Network for Windows 8. Yes you may not (yet) be able to crunch giga-numbers in Worksheets in Metro, but you can surf the net like there is no tomorrow, and you can Shop till you drop like they say. There is no platform that is made for Internet Shopping like the Metro platform. Ok I digress, sorry, I just hate the haters in this case. Back to the story :-).

As for this App, I have one word: Gorgeous! The app is beautiful to look at. It brings out the features on Oprah’s network to live in glorious panoramic view. Here is what Oprah’s network say about the app:


Your on-the-go guide to becoming your best self: spirit, style, health, food, home and relationships. Get hand-picked advice from the most trusted experts. Plus, keep up with the latest from Oprah, OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network and O, The Oprah Magazine.

Fresh inspiration updated each and every day
Exclusive videos, sneak peeks and highlights from OWN and The Oprah Winfrey Show
Articles, recipes and photos

So, there you go. If you love Oprah and follow her shows, here is the App for you. All Oprah’s advice and recommendations are at your fingertips like they say. All I see right now is Oprah going “you’ll get one, and you, and you and you” with tons of Microsoft Surface. Now if Microsoft will just release “Our Precious”! Smile

Give the app a spin. Download it from the following source link hereafter.

Source: Windows Store