The first of the Built-In Apps update is out as you can see. Microsoft promised on their Build Windows 8 blog yesterday that they’ll be rolling out updates to the built-in apps, as promised, the updates are now rolling into the Store. First on my side here is the SkyDrive App as you can see and not the Bing App as mentioned by Microsoft on the blog. Microsoft gave the following Release note with the update:

Release notes:
Added File and Folder management support, Details View, Permission Management and SkyDrive as a Share Target

You are greeted with this landing page after installing the update:


SkyDrive wants to make it clear all barriers have been removed in accessing your files. Wherever you are in the world. Pressing on the “Watch a video about SkyDrive” launches the tutorials about SkyDrive to newbies to show what SkyDrive is all about. Letop, this video is running in the SkyDrive itself, it doesn’t drop you to the video player. Pressing the Back button takes you back to the intro Screen.

The Apps is indeed snappy and looked polished, don’t know if they’ve had this before but now you can open the chevron and see your recent and shared documents as follows:


Have you noticed anything new in SkyDrive? Let the world know here below in the comments. Letop, you may not see this update as I have forced-downloaded it. I mentioned how you can force-load an update on my buddy Site.

Are you seeing other built-in Apps updates, let me know in the comments below too.