Another App that is worth a mention in the Store is “Server PosterPedia”. This is an app pure for the Geeks and Troubleshooters amongst us. The app shows you all the internal workings of all your server software as published by Microsoft. Thanks Martin McClean for bringing this gem to the community, and making it Free. As you can see, the app has been rated by 6 people and all at solid 5 Stars. I will shortly join them and add my own 6-Stars, 5 for the app and one for Martin himself. When you are struggling with Microsoft Technology, its apps like this that makes a difference. Here are a few excerpts from the Store:


Server Posterpedia is an interactive app that uses technical posters as a reference for  understanding Microsoft technologies.

As you can see, concise and directly to the point. Don’t waste time, add this gem to your toolbox. Download in the Store via the following Source Link.

Source: Windows Store