My search is over! I have found a replacement for Discourse Feed Reader. Discourse was for me the best news reader of yore, but for some very strange reason the vendor pulled the app with Windows 8 RTM, and succinctly informed on their site that there is no further plans for the app for the time being. No explanation why they pulled, no information when they’ll be back in the Store. So you can imagine the frustration with RTM when you miss your fav Reader. Well, the search for a replacement is over, “News Bento” has come to the rescue; and it may even be better in layout than Discourse. And what’s more, it is Free, for now at least.

The App was designed for Metro, it feature a layout that closely resembles the modern newspapers. It is a pleasure to the eyes, and a pleasure to read. Here is quoting the vendor Hubrious from the Store:

Beautiful News View

The most fluid and beautiful news reader on Windows 8!

Personalized News
Beautiful Magazine View-
Live Tile & Secondary Tile Support
Optimized for Touch and Mouse

As you can see, the GUI is salted with chevrons to indicate actions you can take, there is a time-slider giving visual indication of the news age, links are shown visibly in the article. And once you drop into the detail view, you are not limited to that article alone, but you can pan previous or next articles by just swiping back and forth. Yes I am enjoying this New Reader tremendously, and for a preview app, I can only imagine what they’ll do with it in the future. I have already written the vendors with advice on how to make the app better, for example give option to add your own RSS Source. I have a good feeling this will be a contender for the Best News Reader title in the Store. You too?


Download the app via the Source Link below.

Source: Windows Store