If you use Norton Security Suite on Windows 8, this is something for you. With this App Norton joins Kaspersky Labs in Windows 8 Security Category by providing an interface to Norton’s universe. Mind you, this app is not the Security Suit itself, but a GUI to the Norton Desktop Suit and all the Services provided by Norton in the Cloud. Norton positions this app as a central place to to keep an eye on all your devices running Norton Suit with tiles showing a rolling status. I guess Norton describes it best in the Store as follows:

Uniquely designed and optimized for Windows 8, Norton Studio allows users to view, manage and explore Norton products, on various PCs and devices, from a central location.

Dynamic cycling tile for quick visual status of all your systems that have Norton installed
View a snapshot of what has happened recently on your Norton systems
Fix flagged problems on local and remote systems
Re-subscribe expired systems
Check the Global Threat Level
Ability to get Studio app updated regularly
Explore and view other Norton Products

Yes, Windows 8 comes built-in with the awesome Microsoft’s Antivirus called Windows Defender, but if you choose to use a third-party security suit and you choose Norton, then you might as well use this App, else if you just want to keep an eye on your Norton devices, you can as well do it from your Win8 device. You can download the App from the Source below:

Source: Windows Store