GoogleTube? Has Google Googlified YouTube?

It seems that Google has completely ruined…ahm, redesigned, YouTube. The black Google bar is now throughout YouTube. YouTube video search looks like Google search, and there is an overall redesign of YouTube as a whole. In fact, Google may even be taking cues from Microsoft, as the new UI of YouTube sports flat and clean design, you know kind of like the thing called Metro?

Note that not everyone will see this redesign, as it appears to be experimental. I spotted the new redesign on my sister’s PC, but on my PC, I am getting the old YouTube. Check out the pictures below and let us know if you think Google has gone too far?


YouTube's new redesign


YouTube's new redesign

2 thoughts on “GoogleTube? Has Google Googlified YouTube?

    • I guess it looks nice. It’s just the black bar that bothers me. Maybe I will get used to it.


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