Unfortunately, today’s Apple iPhone 5 press conference did not feature a Steve Jobs hologram showing off Apple’s new iteration of it’s insanely popular smartphone line, but that didn’t stop the folks at Mondo Media from releasing a parody video with a Jobs made out of protons and force fields (pardon the Star Trek reference.)

The video features a holographic form of Steve Jobs putting Tim Cook in his place as he shows him how his infamous reality distortion field really works. Although I am personally not a proponent of the language, gestures, and references that are featured in this video, it is still one you must see. Apple fanboy or no Apple fanboy, you’l still love the irony woven into the video. And do note that this was released a day before the press event. You might spot some detail that was spot on in the press conference concerning the iPhone 5.

Image Origin: Steve Jobs: Resurrection (iPhone 5 Parody), From Source: Black Rainbow Extraordinaire Magazine