You can say what you want about Microsoft’s vision with Windows 8, but some companies are taking serious notice of this platform and buying into it. And so we welcome one of the first Business Apps in the Store (yes there are others!), and the most expensive at that. You can try out this app, but to own it, you’ll have to shell out a cool 500 greenbacks. This app is either a big joke, or it is a serious contender for the Topmost  business app. I say this because Pariscribe is for me at this moment a completely unknown company, but seeing they’re doing it big in the Medical world, I will not be surprised if this is the real deal. Judging by the name chosen for this App, I think they are banking of lots of Microsoft Surface usage with this app, and we know that iPad is already making in-road into Medical business, it is our hope that Surface will kill this ingress dead on its track. I have taken a look at vendor’s site, I think they are really serious about this app and their business. This seems to be a the real thing.

The App is 12Mb big, for a Metro, and non-game app, that tells you, it comes packed with features. And looking at the App details in the Store, it is definitely big. This is an app to manage Clinical Practice, everything a Medical establishment needs to manage patients data, including BI knowledgebase. I am not a medical professional, so I’ll ask you to take a listen to Pariscribe’s description of their own app:

Encounters List with CPP
Encounters List with CPP

Communicative Patient Screen

Lab Orders

Communicative Patient Screen

The Pariscribe EMR Slate transforms the clinical documentation process.  Fully integrated with the Pariscribe Practice Management system, this Window 8 version of Pariscribe clinical documentation leverages all the advantages the Pariscribe application and touch screen tablet devices can offer.
Download this app and register for access to a demo environment to experience its features!

Single-gesture navigation
Patient List, Patient Summary, Allergy, Add Appointment, Billing, Family History, Family History Details, Problems, Progress Note, Risk Factor, Vital Sign, Prescription, Drug Interactions, Reminders
Multiple data input methods to suit clinician preference.
Full adjacent view of historical clinical data during documentation
Extensive library of customer forms and templates

Well, you can download the app and give a spin, if only to see its features. But to really use it, you will need to create an account on the Vendor’s site. Curious? Download the app via the Source below.

Source: Windows Store