Who says Windows 8 Metro Apps are boring? Take a look again! This is Disk Falcon, a tool to search your disk and present its usage in the most graphical view you can think of. Quoting the vendor, what do you get when you cross a DBMS, a Utility tool and a Game Engine? You get Disk Falcon. It present your disk status to you with the kind of UI you see in games alone. The Touch era has broken, and we will be seeing a lot of cross-over apps like this in the future. The time of boring apps is long over, Minority Report era has broken, where you interactively and visually control your data.

Here is more from the Store:

The main file size visualization screen
The main file size visualization screen

Alternative bar-graph visualization style

File ages chart

Did you ever wonder what would happen if a game studio wrote a disk scanner using its game engine? Wonder no more. Introducing Disk Falcon, our unique, futuristic disk-scanning utility. Based on highly acclaimed game engine used in “Ultraviolet Dawn”, Disk Falcon shines with the polish of over three years of engine development and testing, with its user interface being almost entire animated in real-time.
The scan results can be broken down by individual files, file types, or ages, and presented in either doughnut or bar chart (and, of course, these animate as well while the scan is ongoing). Unneeded files or folders can be dragged and dropped onto the special bin button to be queued up for deletion later.
Disk Falcon even comes with a sci-fi inspired vocal responses to your actions within the program (which, thankfully, can easily be turned off).

Fluid, futuristic user interface
Doughnut or bar chart file size visualization styles
Breakdown by individual files, file types, or file ages
Real-time, animated scanning feedback and updates
Multi-level folder disk usage visualization
Ability to queue up and delete unneeded files from within the program
Instant folder navigation once the scan is finished
Vocal responses to your actions within the program

The App is free as air, so waste no time, add it to your toolbox via the Source link below.

Source: Windows Store