Well, what do you know? The first weight and BMI tracker is in the Store, and rightly so, it is in the Health and Fitness Category. I was beginning to wonder how long it will take for the first app to appear, well here we have it. Like the App title suggest, the app allows you to track your slimming progress through time, and you can see where you weight lies in the Body Mass Index. The app is surprisingly well built for a free app. This may be an introduction, I am sure this quality app will not be free for long, so go get it while you can. Here is New Epicenter’s description of the app from the Store:

Adults: Weight and BMI tracking

Children: percentiles  and weight tracking

Set your info

Track your weight and BMI with this easy to use app by Dr. Albert Smolyar MD.

Helps you stay in shape
Displays your normal weight range
Displays your Body Mass Index (BMI)
Weekly, Monthly, Yearly charts and trends
Displays weight and height percentiles for children, based on CDC growth charts
Provides tips and advice
Very simple and easy to use

Please download the app from source here below.

Source: Windows Store