[Data per  2012-08-25]

Current Total App Count in Windows 8 RTM Store = 696

App Stats:

App Class:
Total Paid Apps: 86
Total Desktop Apps: 19

Total English Apps: 594
Total Localized Apps: 102

Accessible Apps: 147
Non-Accessible Apps: 549

[Update 2012-08-26: It seems I was wrong on that Total Desktop Apps figure. There are more in the Store, there was error in my extraction routine. I just wish MS will provide an API to the store to extract accurate information instead of these inaccurate workarounds.]

Store News:
OK here we are a week plus from RTM and the Store has exploded with Apps. For the first time since Windows 8 went public, we’ve seen the biggest app count deltas to date. The Store opened with RTM with 470 apps, from the 415 apps there were in the store before RTM Lockdown. It was a bit disappointing for us watchers because we were expecting the App big-bang MS was promising. But since RTM the Store has been picking up pace with apps streaming in steadily.

In a week we have an increase of 220 apps! As you can see, the Games category takes the crown as to be expected. The biggest surprise is with the Entertainment section beating News & Weather to the second place and surprise, surprise, Tools taking the third. The combined deltas of Productivity and Tools is a strong indication that those predicting Metro Apps will failure in the Enterprise will be proven wrong. Another remarkable delta is in the Government category, which saw 3 entries from zero, albeit all an iteration of the same app.

Desktop Apps are still strongly represented in current deltas, but not as strongly as the Paid Apps as follows:

In total there are 86 Paid apps with the most expensive being an Invoicing app for $11.99. Some of them are still a joke like that Sudoku app for $4.99, there are better Sudoku apps in the Store for free right?

There are definitely quality apps in the Store this week, and I think the best is the HP’s first OEM App: HP Scan and Capture which I have already reported on this blog.

MS Rating Error:
The picture above shows highest rating report in the Store. According to Microsoft, ASUS WebStorage is the highest rated app in the Store, but when you check its rating, it only has one rating at 5-Stars. Same for the next app and the next. This is obviously an Error MS! How can a developer rating his own app with five-star on his own be highest rated than the likes of MetroTwit App or FreshPaint that was rated by hundreds of people at 4.7 Stars? Please fix this listing error.
The Store is really alive right now, there is enough to satisfy almost everyone. For light Internet browsing and Social activities there is enough Metro Apps right now for everyone. Of course we are still waiting for some big guns to land. The Netflix App is already available internally, so is the IMDB app and a few others that MS is not releasing right now. The GA in October will probably see the release of these high-profile apps. We are all keeping our fingers crossed. In the meantime, we will enjoy whatever is available to us in the store for the moment.

– RTM Store news is Archived here if you want to review it.

All data and Information provided in this report is provided AS-IS! It does not warrant any commitment neither from me nor from Microsoft. The data is tallied from the information Microsoft made visible to the outside world, and is subject to change at any time. Applications are constantly being submitted and pulled from Store, which means the data you see here may not be current at any time. Errors in this report are mine  and not Microsoft’s and does not constitute a binding agreement.