If there is one category that has been missing all the Metro love in Windows 8, that is the Government Category in the Store. At almost 560 apps in the store, it is has been the only Category without a single app. Well, all categories are now fully featured in the Store. Bay County Tax Collector App is here. I won’t even pretend to know if this is really commissioned by the County or not, anything is welcomed for this loner category at the moment. The app facilitates searching the Government registry for Property and Real Estate Tax Records for Bay County Area, Florida. I must confess I don’t know for whom this app is intended, I mean, is this for everyone, or you need a special access? The App Description doesn’t give much info either, this is all what I have got from the Store:

The welcome page lets the user select  whether to show Real Estate or Personal Property records.

The initial listing of tax records for the current year.  The page shows the total for the criteria supplied.

Initial list of results with the criteria  window visible

The welcome page lets the user select  whether to show Real Estate or Personal Property records.

Search property taxes record for Bay County Florida Tax Collector

Search property taxes
Search real estate taxes in Bay County Florida

As you can see, there is not much to go on, but I guess those for which this app was meant will recognize it and know all its functions. If you need the app, please download via: