With the new Windows 8 coming out, I for one love the new interface and how quick and efficient my laptop is. However, when I am looking up Windows 8 On Google or Such, Many of the links I see, are of how Windows 8 was ruined, and that people prefer to switch to a Mac or use Linux/Ubuntu.

With a simple look at the Windows 8 Release Preview Video on YouTube, This is one of the Negative Comments:

Is everyone here BLIND! I guess no one sees the real reason for M$ to move away from win32. Right now How much does M$ make on games sold? $0, and how much from Programs like photoshop? $0, So the real reason for winrt is so M$ can make 33% on all PC programs sold. Who cares about the dumb GUI. This OS is going to flop because of the greed in which it was created.

Comment by:  crazyboy13usa

My comment? I think this person needs to calm down… Windows 8 Upgrade Discs are planned to be cheap. Really Cheap. $39.99 for Windows 8. And with Microsoft’s Current Deal, Windows 8 Pro for $14.99 if you buy a new Windows 7 PC before January 31st, 2013 (Or if you bought one After July 2nd, 2012). So why can’t ask for some money? I mean, with how much time Microsoft puts into developing a new OS, it is the least they can ask is 33% sense it will be cheap.

A Good comment from the same Video (Took me a while to find):

Have any of you people used windows 8 (the preview version), it is actually very stable and faster loading then previous windows. The ui is not that bad, very handy actually how it organises it all on a start screen instead of a start bar. Don’t judge a book by its cover until you use it, and use it for more then 10 minutes.

Comment by:  Luca Natoli

This person has common sense. Windows 8 is great in my opinion. Now I do not know what everyone in the world wants and I doubt that Microsoft does either. Nor can they impress everyone. My PC ran a lot faster when I installed Windows 8. Along with the fact that Windows 7 ran slow and crashed a lot when I used it. Every OS has changed their GUI at least a few times. Mac’s held the same idea but their GUI did change. Windows also kept the same GUI for a long time, and I for one think it is time for change.

I like Windows 8, and it is one big step up for Microsoft. The design is good for kids and adults both. Easy and simple to use, with quite a few customization settings.  But WOW are some people quick to judge. They need to know that the current release is STILL a Preview. For business? I say run a program that edits the registry to remove the start screen. Simple as that. But people need to USE the OS before they judge. I wouldn’t doubt that half of the comments and topics online are by people who have never even used the OS. Some people like to be liberal and others consecutive. (For all you out there that don’t know what that means, look it up…)

Windows 8 has cause a lot of controversy online. From Facebook to Windows Eight Forums, but it will all subside when people realize that Microsoft will NOT change anything about the Windows 8 GUI as the OS has been RTM (or Released to Manufacturers) sense August 1st, 2012.

View the Windows 8 Release Preview Video by clicking here or watch below.