How about this for a concept: You are in the office, and for once in your life, you are forced to really work instead of surfing the net the whole day. Now you don’t have time to read you favorite tweets, now you have to listen to those boring office radio broadcasts while working on that monstrous worksheet. Why not bridge the gap and bring your tweets to your ears. Yes, have your favorite tweets read to you by a sexy computer voice: “Captain we’ve got a tweet inbound! You just won a million dollars!” Yeah, some in that trend, you get the joke.

That is all what the Tweaker app is all about. Have your tweets read aloud as they come in, now you can just plugin your earphones, drown-out the office noise and hear what is going on on the Internetz while busy. This is a awesome concept, worthy of all geeks award. What’s more, this paid app allows you to try it out first and convince yourself before buying it at $1.99 which is a steal for what the app does. Here is Software Developer’s description of the app directly from the store:

Tweaker speaks tweets to you and displays them on animated tiles along with images from Twitter.

There are six categories of tweets available and the option for a custom category.

Voice settings, About, Privacy policy available via Settings Charm, DLNA Audio sharing via Devices Charm

Tweaker speaks tweets to you and displays them on animated tiles along with images from Twitter.

Tweaker the Tweet Speaker allows you to passively listen to and watch tweet and photo activity from Twitter. While the “Tweaker” speaks Twitter activity it displays text and image content on lively animated tiles. Tweaker speaks Twitter activity from around the world right to your ears. Trial version is fully functional with reminders to purchase intermingled among the tweets.

6 Categories of Twitter Activity plus available custom category
Stream Audio to any DLNA device on your network with the PlayTo Contract
9 different Voice Accent Settings available
Support for Landscape, Portrait, Fill, and Snapped Views

So your workdays don’t have to be boring anymore, go download it before decides the app should be banned for its awesomeness. Hit the following link:

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