Finally! The wait is over! Gleek joined the Social Club on Windows 8.
We are liking the trend we are seeing in the Store at the moment, quality apps are now dropping in fast and furious. Gleek is on of the top Twitter client on Windows Phone, its approach to twitting is rather unique as it tend to not only be a Twitting client but also a news source for everything happening on Twitter. If you are a curious type, this is the client for you. Liquid Daffodil has outdone itself with this superb twitter client for Windows 8. This is twitting as it was meant to be. The App has got its own Tiles, that you can create to you heartlust and categorize, giving you live updates round the clock. You can also pin almost anything to your Start Screen according to them. Don’t take my word for it, read it all from Liquid Daffodil itself:

Full timeline support, including Mentions & Retweets. Tons of areas to discover without cluttering up lists!

View every type of list in easy to navigate scenarios!

View all recent images in every timeline easily, including your own!


Get the coolest, fastest Twitter app for Windows 8!
An (almost) fully loaded version of the coolest Twitter app for Windows Phone is now available on Windows 8! This is an “Über Fan Preview” to get it into everyone’s hands before the “fully loaded” version is available at the release of Windows 8. Not only glƏƏk! the most full-featured Twitter app in the Store, but is also the ONLY app that will bring you random tweets (pƏƏks) from users around the world!

Full Twitter Timelines, Mentions, and Retweets!
Both Dark and Light Theme Support!
Custom Theme Colors!
See Random Tweets from users around the world!
Deep Search integration
Search Tweets, People and even your OWN Timelines and Mentions!
Mute Users and Apps
Full Retweeter and Conversation Views
Share IN and OUT to other sources!
Almost EVERYTHING is Pinnable to Start
Add Effects to your Tweets, including ⓑⓤⓑⓑⓛⓔ ⓣⓔⓧⓣ!
Cool Extras, like SnƏƏk PƏƏps! and so much more!

I know you can’t wait to lay your paws on this app, so go ahead, download via the following link:

Source: Windows 8 Store

[UPDATE: It has come to our knowledge that this app has been pulled from the Store. I think because too many people were having issues with the app. We will keep you posted when it returns to the Store.]

[UPDATE:] We’ve just received news that Gleek is back in the Store. People are already installing the bug-fix updates. Of course the Link is also back, so go get it and let’s know how stable it is this time around. Following is Liquid Daffodils’ text on the update:

Fixed in v0.9:
Random account settings issue not saving resolved
Numerous bug fixes and performance tweaks