NMS Global has done some of us who liked Mind-mapping a big pleasure by releasing the first Mind Map App NovaMind into the Store. NovaMind is a simple program to record your ideas and organize you plans. For those who don’t know how mind mapping works, it is an attempt to organize thoughts and ideas the way the brain organizes data in our head. From a central point fanning out little details. I guess NMS Global gives the best description for the App as stated in the Store as follows:

How to use Mind Maps for effective brainstorming.

Taking Notes using Mind Maps.

Use Mind Maps for your strategic business plans.

How to use Mind Maps for effective brainstorming.

Visualize your information to get things done.
Mind Mapping is the simple process of putting your ideas in an attractive and interactive visual format. Whether you use it for to-do lists, planning, brainstorming, problem solving or any other type of thinking, Mind Mapping is a great way to see the big picture and drill down to all of the important details.
With NovaMind, creating a Mind Maps is easier than ever.

Easy Mind Map creation
Full tablet and touch device support
Compact automatic Mind Map layout
Graft topics to different locations
Expand and collapse subtopics to see relevant information
Gallery of sample Mind Maps to get you started
Themes to instantly change the look of your Mind Maps
Highlighting of important topics
Undo and redo support

If you like the application, you can download it via the following link:

Source: Microsoft Store