LogMeIn Inc. has joined the Windows 8 bandwagon by releasing their first App into Windows 8 Store. Actually an apology is here in order from me because I saw the App dropping in yesterday, made en mental note to inform you, but it fell through the cracks, and I forgot it. But seeing zero reviews on it at the moment, I guess most of you are still not aware of its presence in the store. So I hope I am not too late bringing you this news.

The app looks solid from our end here, though I don’t use LogMeIn services, so I don’t have an account to truly test out this app. I am sure some of you will appreciate this app. The following is the description as stated in the Store:

Start screen

Viewing the presenter's screen


With the viewer, you can join an online meeting no matter where you go. View someone’s screen, share ideas and collaborate in real-time, for free!
Optimized for Windows 8 Metro, is fast, free and nimble, and makes attending an online meeting as easy as touching your screen.

First, download the app. Now, you’re ready to join meetings from anywhere as long as you’re connected to the Internet.
When your friends, colleagues or clients start a meeting, web conference or ad-hoc get together at, you’ll be able to join them from Windows 8 with this viewer.
Once you receive a nine-digit code or a personal link, type that into your join me viewer and press the green “play” button. Presto! You are now viewing someone else’s screen. You’re on the same page, even if you’re hundreds of miles away. It really is that simple.

Mobile screen viewing
Chat with participants
See who’s attending

If you use services, this is the app for you. Download the app via the following link:

Source: Microsoft Store