For our Muslim friends this is something to rejoice about. We already have about 4 or 5 Bible Apps in the Store, so I guess it’s about time we saw apps from other religions too. Therefore, I am happy to announce that the first Quran app has dropped in the store. Titled “Holy Quran”, the app is a reference source for Muslims around the world, and features both Arabic and English transliterated scripts. On the surface the App looks thoroughly thought out, but until its installed, its difficult to judge its feature. Since I don’t speak arabic, I will not be the right person to judge the app quality. We can only peruse what the vendors says about the app, reproduced here below from the store:


Portrait with English Translation
Arabic and English Translation with English Search

Arabic Search

The Holy Quran application comes to the Windows 8 app store. This comprehensive application includes Audio Recitation by Al Husari, English translation, transliterated Arabic, intuitive search functionality, and an easy to use interface.

Mushaf text from مجمع الملك فهد لطباعة المصحف الشريف (King Fahd Complex with Hufs Font.)
English Translation with side by side Arabic display
Arabic transliterated with side by side Arabic display
Individual Ayas selection and recitation by Al Huasari
Search in Arabic, English and transliterated Arabic
Sura and Juz index to go where you want in the Quran
Configurable font sizes: Large and Normal
Beatiful Uthmanic script font
Search using page number
Download Surah’s as you go
Fast audio playback

I am sure you Muslim scholars can’t wait to get the app, so please download the app from the Store via the following link: