Another empty head “Tech Journalist” want Microsoft to abandon Pen Computing features of Windows 8, because Pens are things of the past. Below is my response:

So have you really used Pen Computing for any length of time in the past 5 years? Have you sat in a meeting and take note on a digital device without a screen covering your face and making keyboard noise? Have you been to Universities and technical schools where Pen Computing rules? Have you tried OneNote with a Pen and marvel at its ability to convert your chicken handwritten notes into legible text?

Wow, a tech-blogger wakes up one day and thinks he can dis something humanity invented thousands of years ago. You must be really feeling your inadequacy at the moment because you only showed your limited capacity to understand technology with this post.

If the Pen is a naught like you try to convince the whole world with your post, why is there a branch of the industry for sausage-pens for the iPad? With what do you think they created those circuit-boards powering your devices and the car you ride, and the mega-flat in which you live? You think CAD/CAM was carried out with a finger on a glass-substrate?

Jeez, when are these pseudo-intellectuals who called themselves Tech Journalists learn to keep their mouth shut when they talk of things they know nothing about. You know what, there is a complete set of industry based on Pen-Computing at the moment. Yes, schools, engineering institutes, movies CGI, digital artistry and hospitals are where you find Pen-computing, and it will explode once people get the hang of it. People are not buying pens for iPad for nothing at the moment. Because your Prophet said “If it has a pen, it’s a fail” does not make it so. Even prophets can be wrong sometimes.