Another music discovery program has just joined the club of ever-increasing music-hub applications in Windows 8 Store. Soundtracker application allows you easily discover music through its social feature, and allows you to compile your own favorites to which you can listen as Radio Station. You can share your compilations with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter etc. I think this is something akin to Spotify service. Try the app and see if its something for you. Following is details from the Store:

Soundtracker makes it easy to discover and play the music your friends and your neighbors are listening to. Access any artist, any genre from the largest music catalog on Internet radio with more than 22M songs for FREE. Create your own radio stations and share them with your friends via Facebook. Discover your trendy music and music popular nearby.
Listen to over 13 million songs for free – any artist, any genre, anytime
Share your favourite stations
Share your favourite stations on Facebook, Twitter and email
Play music with friends in real-time

Download the app directly from the following link: