Hey, guess who just joined the Desktop App party in the Windows 8 Store? Right, Adobe Reader X! I guess Adobe doesn’t like the idea that Microsoft’s newly deployed Office2013 was encroaching on its PDF turf with the new PDF Read/Write feature of Word2013, and decided to do something about the visibility of its reader app on Windows 8 Desktop. Of course ReaderX needs no introduction to most of us. For those that doesn’t know ReaderX is the tablet-focused Reader from Adobe. The app features Annotation features built-in, inclusive Pen annotation. So PDF files are actually editable to a lesser extent on this app, only you can’t print to the app like you can with Acrobat.

Well, there you have it. Another Desktop app for your pleasure and easy discoverability. As indicated in the picture, Adobe ReaderX can be found in the Productivity section of the Store.