The 9 day blackout effected around 20 million DirecTV customers.

On July 10th Viacom blacked out its channels on DirecTV causing many to jump program providers, but is this dispute over? This all started when [allegedly] Viacom wanted to hike DirecTV customer’s prices which would “cause a  Friday, DirecTV customers blackout’s ended and programming resumed as normal. Though in the Friday morning press release the financial terms weren’t released the estimated price hikes are around 55 cents a month per customer. Earlier this Friday, Viacom said that they were “extremely pleased to bring its programming back to DirecTV subscribers”.

Throughout this “healing” process both DirecTV and Viacom threw heavy punches punches at each other in an attempt to persuade their viewers that it was the opposing company that initially caused the blackout. At the bottom of this article you’ll be able to see one of the Viacom posts that was pointed at the DirecTV dispute.

CNN Tech Analyst Jeff Kagan made this comment “The problem is customers want and expect a decrease in price and are continually disappointed,” -“The industry may be preparing to go through a big transformation over the next few years just like the wireless industry did with Apple and Google.”