Ladies and gentlemen we have the first true comprehensive tool in the Windows 8 Store. PC Monitor from MMSoft is indeed a Network Admin dream come true on a Mobile device. With the app you can monitor your whole network and see the status of all your servers and clients. You can see the configuration of the node and run commands on it. I haven’t used the app yet, so I don’t know if you have to install a client app on the nodes or not. You will need to register and install a client app to use the this App. But the app is looking to be a good management app for Professionals and Enthusiasts alike.

App description from the Store as follows:


Monitor and manage your computers using this securely encrypted mobile app that gives you total control of your PC’s from anywhere, anytime.
– You can monitor up to 3 computers using this application for free, no subscription payment required and no time limitation.
– To create an account you will need to download and install the PC software from first. A quick setup guide is available on the web site.
– For any questions or help please email us at or visit


View the status and uptime of all computers
View the current CPU usage
View the current available memory
View the external IP address
View and manage services
View and kill processes
View and run the scheduled tasks
View all logged in users and log them off
View hardware details like temperatures (system, CPU and HDD) and fan speeds (system and CPU)

Stangely, you’ll find this app in the Business Category instead of Tools category. Fortunately, the app is available on all platforms, which means you could use the app also on your ARM devices. Download the app from the following link and let us know what you think: