Hell must be freezing over ladies and gentlemen. Engadget beats everybody else to the Windows 8 Store? I was expecting to to see the likes of The Verge of Gizmodo to hit the Store earlier than Engadget since they are relatively Microsoft friendlier. And for those of you that are saying Windows 8 is going to be a failure, here you have the prove, even AOL believes in Microsoft now. Anyways I digress.

This Engadget App is a quality app bringing all the Engagdet universe together in one beautiful app. They made very good use of the Panoramic feature of Windows 8 Metro. It is really nice reading Engadget Reviews with this format. Yours truly have tested the app, and I like it what I am seeing. Hopefully they’ll continue to refine it and add more features as Windows 8 matures.

The following is the description of the App from the Store:


Engadget brings you obsessive daily coverage on gadgets & consumer electronics.
Engadget is the definitive source and final word for news on gadgets and technology. Engadget’s team of expert editors and columnists cover the world of consumer electronics with unmatched passion and an obsessive attention to detail. From the latest smartphone news, to reviews and hands-on looks at laptops, HDTVs, gaming, and more, Engadget brings you all the tech news you need.

What’s included


Read Engadget Articles

View and listen to Engadget Media (Videos, Galleries, Podcasts)

Download the app from the following link directly: