The Internet is truly a wondrous place. A societal phenomena where the physical rule of nature breaks down, and the impossible seems to be the order of the day. The Internet is truly liberating, but it also corrupts absolutely. No wonder some people have decided to cut the umbilical cords to the Internet and shun it completely. The beauty of Internet is also its utmost curse. Reality has lost is value, the Internet has ushered in a tenure of pseudo-intellectuality. It has given every fool on the planet a voice. The result is chaos and debauchery. In which everyone lives for himself. The rule of society doesn’t hold anymore. Internet has become the place in which the tail wags the dog, in which people who can’t solve simple quadratic equations thinks they know everything about technology and hide no bias in spreading their gospel.

What prompt me to write this piece is the post from TechCrunch today bashing Microsoft. In which a nobody called john biggs thinks he is the alpha and omega to tell Microsoft how to run its company. It’s a complete reflection of a similar post from Vanity Fair in which an equally peanut-brained buffoon was bashing Ballmer as if his live depends on it. I have always had a nonchalant attitude towards these idiots that call themselves tech-journalists, but this one really breaks the camel’s back. The fact that you have millions of people reading your post doesn’t mean you are entitled to abuse such a power. You’ve got a responsibility to the society. The post is inflammatory and completely obnoxious. I wonder if there is any head with brains at all remaining at TechCrunch to allow such a garbage to be posted. Is this all to get page views, or does TechCrunch really believe in that post themselves. Is TechCrunch really that desperate? It is obvious the idiot doesn’t have a clue what he was talking about. To call C# a dud was what sealed it for me.

I don’t know what agenda these so call journalists have, but from these incessant bashing of Microsoft, it is clear there is a concerted effort on the part of these idiots to see to the demise of Microsoft. The question is should Microsoft just sit down and take this bullshit from these yuppies. Who is john biggs? A nobody that hasn’t run anything a company, not to talk of a multi-billion dollar company. He is probably living in his mum’s basement somewhere, not having a clue about life. What give these kind of people the authority to bash people in established positions? Look Ballmer is not my best friend, but lets give respect where respect is due. This guy has seen Microsoft increase its value since 2000. The figures speak for him. So what is the point? There is nothing Ballmer will do that will please these idiots except blow an artery in his head maybe. And all this started with Steve Jobs’ switcher ads, in which a company is allowed to defame another company. His goons obviously have picked up the art and perfected it. So much thanks to you Mr. Jobs for making the world a worst place than you found it. You have created an age in which mutual respect has gone the way of the dodo’s. In which its no more possible to have intelligent conversations with people because they don’t have the same point of view with you.

Somebody has to call these people to their responsibility. They are feuding the hatred and causing a lot of societal damage. Look, I know most of them have got vested interest in competing platforms. They are pushing their own stock by cutting down anything that oppose their capital security. But that is not what journalism is all about. It is not to report your emotion and bias, but to report fact. These so-called journalists have turned from fact-reporters to Opinion-shapers. They are tools in the hand of puppet-masters tuning people’s head and shaping popular opinion for self-gain. It is time someone called them to their responsibility. The law should force journalists to expose their Stock portfolio and declare their vested interests. Also, there is something in Law called defamation of character. Should MS just accept these people damaging its company’s brand. Shouldn’t MS take them to court for defamation of character? We all know Apple doesn’t take this kind nonsense lightly, if TechCrunch writes something like this about Apple they would have heard from their lawyers, sent a take-down notice. MS should wake up from this stupid slumber and stop accepting these yuppies damaging its brand. In this age brand is everything, if you don’t value your brand, maybe then your are not worthy of it. Hopefully, we will see an active management of bad press from people who are not worthy to tie Ballmer’s shoes laces.

[Sorry for the bad language. I am really pissed by this nonsense on the net lately.]