Aurora’s Century 16 Theatre where the midnight shooting took place.

We see many things happen on a daily basis that tries to wreak havoc on our nation or even a local theatre whether it be a domestic attack on national security, a terrorist attack or even a local theatre shooting. We’ve decided to cover this story to show the social media aspect and how quickly the word spread through news. Twitter has been the main stream of news from the site of this tragedy with hundreds of tweets from people in the Aurora area. Below are tweets of those who were there and we do warn you that some content may be graphic. Since the shooting President Barrack Obama has ordered flags to be flown at half staff in honor of the shooting victims.


12:47 PM: @ZachEtake38: “In 5 hours…. A fire will rise… No jokes here, too damn excited #TDKR”
1:02 AM: @BlessedDisciple: “Woww Someone Just Shot Up This Batman Movie. . I Literally Just Seen A Little Girl Get Carried Out With Bullet Wounds Smh The Nerve Of Ppl.”
1:03 AM: @ZachEtake38: “Have just evacuated our theater in Aurora. There was a shooting in our auditorium. I am safe”
1:19 AM: @JME817: Movie theater just got shot up while we were watching Batman. I’m ok a little freaked out. Walking to Isaac’s house with a group of friends.
1:30 AM: @B_Dozier: I hope the pregnant lady & little kids plus the babies are okay!
1:37 AM: @dingos8myTARDIS: Oh God, I don’t know what to do.
1:37 AM: @dingos8myTARDIS: @LustInLove Yes. It was my theater. I’m outside, one of my friends is still inside. No one knows what’s going on.
1:42 AM: @JuJubee__13: Shooting at aurora movie theater #freakingout :/
1:47 AM: @JME817: Saw three different people who had been shot but hear there are a lot more.
1:49 AM: @B_Dozier: I’m happy my seat was by the exit in the back , so that i wasn’t running towards the front to them.
2:03 AM: @ZachEtake38: I know I saw one man with blood running down his hands being carried into a cop car
This shooting has also lead to some controversy involving @celebboutique on Twitter.
At 12:35PM Celeb Boutique tweeted this, “#Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired #Aurora dress ;)[…]”
So far this has led to thousands of people replying to the tweet with comments like, “classless” and “discouraging”. Below, are pictures from Twitter that include details on the developing story.
Abenezer Mergia, 18, was one of the younger individuals in the crowd at the time of the shooting. Mergia also added, “I seen a person bleeding out their mouth and gasping for their last breath. This ain’t right. #Century16Shooting. Thunk the world is ending.” We have currently contacted Mergia for comments though he has not yet returned our messages.
CNN’s iReport application was also used by many including an iReport from “nitwitt10“. Click here to read his story.
(Above) is the tweet that Celeb Boutique posted that has been called “classless” and “discouraging”
Current Trends on Twitter include #theatreshooting – #Aurora and Colorado
Celeb Boutique is currently under a lot of fire due to their recent post (Above)
Abenezer Mergia, 18, was one of the individuals in the Aurora Theatre when shots were fired.
We send our condolences to those involved in the shooting and those with family members around the Aurora area.