Toshiba has joined the likes of ASUS and Samsung by release also an OEM app “Toshiba Central”  into Windows 8 Store. Unlike these other companies though, Toshiba’s app is not much of a tool nor entertainment app, but a Support App. Toshiba released this app to bring your Toshiba’s universe into view. You can get latest Toshiba information, request support, read FAQs etc etc. If you’ve got a lot invested in Toshiba devices, this is an app for you.

Letop, this app cannot be found by searching in the store. There is a trend we are noticing in the Store at the moment, existence of apps physically in the store but not listed. So you can only see them if you know about them. The OneNote Mx and Chromazone app belongs to this category. Let us just hope this is as a result of MS preparing the Store for RTM.

To download this Toshiba app, you’d better use the following link: