Microsoft released OneNote MX into the Windows 8 Store a few days ago, and now we already have a new competitor to journaling on Windows 8 Metro. This new app from LifeScribe simply called Journal has joined EverNote to compete for your note taking ability on Windows 8, the question now is which one will users prefer? At the moment EverNote is not in the store, but it debuted with Consumer Preview version of Windows 8. I can only assume they are waiting for RTM to make release the app

Have you used Journal from LifeScribe before? Maybe on other platforms? Are you also planning to use it on Windows 8. Install the app and let us know how it compares to Evernote and OneNote MX or OneNote Desktop version. Funny enough, you won’t find this app in the Productivity section but in the Lifestyle section. Maybe because its more of a photo-album kind of app? The app also gives you the ability to record Video and audio with your notes. There is however no mention of Pen or Ink support. The following is the description from the store:

Take your diary to the next level. It’s the App you’ve always wanted and now it’s here. Be one of the first to get your hands on this new and exciting offering from LifeScribe!

Type, draw and manage pictures seamlessly in one Journal app.
Fun and easy to use with drag-n-drop functionality
Innovative design with customizable book themes and environments
Helpful advice from world-renowned life coaches to get you through the day and assist you on your journey to self-discovery and personal growth
Share pictures and video from other apps

You can download the App directly from the following link: