At last, the OneNote MX app is in the store. I have been trying to find it in the Store since announcement yesterday by Microsoft, it could not be found by any means. Thanks to our MS pundit Paul Thurrott who informed you should just look under the Productivity section and NOT search for it. Now I can confirm the app is indeed in the Store.

OneNote for us lovers of the App needs no introduction, but if you are new to TabletPC, this is the note-taking app from Microsoft. This is the App that Evernote copied to gain popularity, but somehow OneNote never catch on with the populace. This is about to change. OneNote is an appreciated app for Students, Engineers and Professionals alike because of its unparalleled support for Ink. If you have a tablet with a true Pen (not a sausage pen), this is the app for you. With this release of OneNote MX, note takers are in Nirvana.

OneNote MX feature the RadialRing menu that was debuted in InkSein project of Microsoft Research years and years back. Those of us that have used and appreciated InkSein are glad it found its way into current iteration of OneNote. I will not go into details here as other blogs have covered OneNote MX in details. I just want to afford you an easy means to download and install the app via the following link: