A few weeks back we saw ASUS debut the first OEM app in the Store in preparation for its Windows 8 devices. Samsung has just joined the club by releasing two App today into the Store, first the Samsung “PhotoEdit” app then the Social group chat app ChatON

It is a good thing to see OEMs waking up to Windows 8. Hopefully we will see more OEM apps before RTM. You can click on the pictures to download the apps.

[Update 2012-07-12]
Some users are reporting that they are having issues accessing these apps. I just did a check in the Store, indeed, I can confirm all Samsung apps have been removed from the Store. I guess I broke the news too early for both Samsung and MS. Letup, if you click on the picture, you’ll still see the Apps via Web, but when you click on “View in Store”, you’ll get the message that the apps are no more available in the Store. I will keep monitoring and inform when this apps are back. Keep checking these threads.