Apps are dropping fast and furious today in Windows 8 Store, I mentioned earlier today about the first two Samsung OEM Apps debuting in the Store, now Samsung has released two extra apps bringing their OEM apps to 4 in total. Shown above is the Third app: Samsung Music Hub. This is something like the Nokia music hub that we saw in Windows Phone, in which an OEM go their own way to provide a total different Music experience to their users apart from the built-in Music app. Sammy is boasting access to at least 17 million tracks of Songs with this hub. My only question is will only the users of Samsung’s devices have access to these tracks or is this open to everyone that download this App? If you download it, please give a comment below to let us know your experience.

Fourth in Samsung’s arsenal is the Photo App: Family Story. This is again Samsung going its own way to provide a complementary experience to the existing Photo App from Microsoft. The app is a graphic representation of your Family Photo Memories as Albums, or Stories so as Samsung will like to call them. The app attempts to show your picture timeline and all the emotions that goes with it. I am sure a lot of you are going to enjoy using the app. Again, if you choose to use these OEM apps, please comment to let us know if it only works with the OEM device or with any device running Windows 8. Thanks already.

You can download the apps by clicking on the pictures.
[Sorry, links are fixed now.]

[Update 2012-07-12]
Some users are reporting that they are having issues accessing these apps. I just did a check in the Store, indeed, I can confirm all Samsung apps have been removed from the Store. I guess I broke the news too early for both Samsung and MS. Letup, if you click on the picture, you’ll still see the Apps via Web, but when you click on “View in Store”, you’ll get the message that the apps are no more available in the Store. I will keep monitoring and inform when this apps are back. Keep checking these threads.