Your Post PC World only exists in a parallel universe

Posted this reaction on “The Verge” in reaction to the stupid notion of “Post-PC era”, a term that seemed to have caught on these days:

“Post-PC Era”, it’s just a fad thing that Tech Bloggers latch on to, just like the DoA thing. I think the Tech blogger have all lost touch with reality because they don’t know the definition of PC anymore. Everything is PC! Macs are PCs, your phones are PCs, ARM devices are PCs!

For example ARM=Advanced RISC Machines, and RISC stands for Reduced Instruction Set Computer. So let the tech bloggers living in the reality distortion field know that both iPhone and iPad and what have you are all PCs! If it has a CPU, it’s a Computer, if it’s not a Mainframe, then it is Personal! If you carry it around and it has a CPU, it’s a PC! Period.

There is nothing like a Post-PC era, there is just a bunch of self-delusional tech bloggers.

It is time we called our tech bloggers to responsibility. They should stop being a Parrot, quoting one-liners  all over the place confusing people instead of educating them. I guess the Golden Age is indeed behind us. Obviously the explosion of technical information has not led to explosion of technical wisdom.

So, say it forth: Macs are PCs, iPads are PCs, iPhones are PCs!