The iPhone 5 is slowly becoming one of the more talked about things on the tech grid. From iOS 6 we can already learn a lot about what the new iPhone may have in store. Rumors speculate that the iPhone 5 may be released as soon as September but with many features we’ll just wait to confirm characteristics till one shows up in a bar again.

One of the more publicized features that will be on the new iPhone is iOS 6’s Passbook. This new feature will allow users to no longer worry about loosing your Kroger™ card, gift card or sporting even tickets. As seen in ‘s preview, this has many more features to offer than just holding the card itself. It also will use your location to alert you if your gate changes for your flight.

Another feature that I’ve personally heard a lot about is the new Phone App setup. Instead of denying someone’s call while driving down the road and having them believing your ignoring them iOS 6 will now come with a feature that allows you to quickly message the calling party with 3 preset responds and a custom field. You can also tap the “Remind Me Later” icon for your phone to automatically create a reminder to return the person’s call.

iOS’s Maps App has also experienced a complete overhaul. Instead of using Google Maps™, Apple has now developed an entire new layout for the Maps App that includes some very innovative features. One of the largest improvements to the app is it’s turn-by-turn navigation and a new traffic feature. You will soon have the ability to be alerted by your iPhone of a potential redirection in your route that could save you critical time to get to a location. Maps will also come with 3-D imaging of major cities and landmarks using a new “Flyover” feature.

Each year Apple has been known for upgrading it’s camera and many users agree that the front camera needed some improvement. Rumors have already circulated that the iPhone 5 could be potentially have an HD FaceTime Camera.

Siri will also contain new features such as Eye-Free controlling. Apple had this to say about Siri in their iOS 6 page:

With the Eyes Free feature, ask Siri to call people, select and play music, hear and compose text messages, use Maps and get directions, read your notifications, find calendar information, add reminders, and more

My last but certainly not least new feature of the iOS 6 is that it’s Facebook integrated. As soon as you take a photo you will be able to directly post it to Facebook without having to open the application. Also through Facebook, your contacts will sync to your Address Book on iOS 6.

More rumors to keep coming through Rumortronica!