Health Care Decision

Thursday afternoon was a very hectic day for all national news networks because of the HealthCare decision that was set to be made by the supreme court. As I was sitting in a conference Thursday my phone vibrated alerting me that HealthCare *had* been passed. Before this alert I got an audio clip sent to me from a different news source telling me that parts were declared unconstitutional. CNN & Fox both “jumped the gun” Thursday by reporting within minutes of each other that the ruling was unconstitutional.

After I was aware of the mistake I spoke to a CNN staff member about the mistake and what actually happened. Though he could not tell me a significant amount of information he was able to inform me that they did, in fact “make a mistake” but then again “we are all human”. Many different individuals [republicans specifically] tweeted “Let freedom ring” and other words of victory as they too “jumped the gun”. Do you believe that this effects CNN’s motto of being the “most trusted name in news” or not? Let us know! [Video of Initial Reports below]