Just 10 hours ago, I mentioned the very first OEM App in the Windows 8 Store from ASUS. That is, the ASUS World Clock App. Now they’ve just released the next app, the ASUS WebStorage App. For those that doesn’t know, WebStorage is an Add-on service of ASUS comparable to SkyDrive that the company is making available to its customers. With this app, ASUS is setting the trend to prepare themselves for the release of the their Windows 8 devices I beleive. These apps will be ASUS specific, and of course they need to know the apps will work as advertised. Normally you will not be able to see the app by just browsing the store, but no app escapes the attention of yours truly. So I present your this ASUS treatise. Go knock yourselves out if you are an ASUS user :-). Let me know how good the app works in your comments below. You can find the app in the Business section, but you can also spare yourselves the pain and use the following link: http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/38333d51-a5b8-467d-b1c4-ec60f2169631