OliveTree Bible+ App debuts in Windows 8 Store

Believe it or not, Olive Tree has decided to go Windows 8 route after their love for everything Microsoft went the way of Dodo’s these past few years. Olive Tree refused to develop their Windows Applications further, and totally refused to port their Windows Mobile apps over then to Windows Phone 7 when it debuted. I have just done a quick search in Windows Phone Store, there is still no Olive Tree app available. People like me had heated debates with Olive Tree that it was not fair to abandon Windows Platform for the more “lucrative” iOS/OSX platform. That the spreading of the Gospel should not be determined by who pays the most for your application. The plea fell to deaf ears of course.

Now you can imagine my joy to find that Olive Tree is jumping in on Windows 8 bandwagon by releasing their app this early in the game. Be sure that the app will not be free by the time Windows 8 goes live, but for now enjoy this time limited boon. Download the app from the Reference category in the Store, or just go directly to this link: http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/f8c21523-1482-46d8-b34b-37f1e462856e

2 thoughts on “OliveTree Bible+ App debuts in Windows 8 Store

  1. Sadly, it looks like this is only going to support x86 and x64 processors. Meaning that ARM chips (Windows Phones). Wont get supported. Obviously this could change, but for the moment I hate to burst your bubble. I wish it was going to get support myself : (

    Also, probably not very charitable to tell Olivertree that they are preventing the spread of the gospel by not supporting a 4th tier platform. I wish it was available, but I want olivetree to be a profitable company too so that it invest in creating great experiences for most users and not fold thereby decreasing its gospel spreading presence and laying people off.

    Obviously you can disagree, but as Christians we should at least acknowledge that their difference of method in spreading the gospel may not be a sin. Despite the fact that your opinion could be correct.



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