Microsoft went public last week with a scene fit for Hollywood movie kind of hype. Rather unusual for a company that has been deemed irrelevant by the Tech bloggers, the world that have successfully being pocketed by Apple. However everyone came away with a positive feeling about Microsoft, and it seems everyone agrees MS has something in these new Surface products lines they are introducing.

MS announced that the Surface RT will be available with General Release of Windows 8, and Surface Pro 3 months later. People found it strange that MS is releasing the Pro 3 months later. What is peculiar with this timing. Why three months? Why not two months or 5 months, why exactly 3?

The clue lies in the exact timeline that Microsoft gave. They are assured of Pro’s availability 3 months after Surface RT goes for Sale. As you all know MS is towing here a very delicate line with its Windows Partners. It is not Microsoft’s intention to usurp its OEMs market but to complement them; be a reference source for its OEM hardware wise. Microsoft is providing its OEMs leeway with the first 3 months after Windows 8 release, to give them a chance to sell their products for the Pro, or the so-called Intel platform PCs and tablets. None of the OEM is strong nor ready on the ARM platform, that is why MS could afford to release the Surface RT with Windows 8 release and not be seeing to be directly in the way. But on the Intel PC/Tablet front, this is the bread and butter for the OEMs, so they need the respite.

Therefore I hereby present you Microsoft’s timeline for the Surface Pro:

  • Windows 8 will release in October.
  • Microsoft Surface RT will also release in October.
  • The OEM will have the chance to market their Intel platform products for the holidays; October through December.
  • Microsoft will release Surface Pro end of January 2013, 3 months after Surface RT.

So there you have it. Say it forth, the reason Surface Pro is coming 3 months late is to cut MS OEMs a break during the holidays. Then the OEMs cannot point accusing fingers at MS during the holidays sale. Which is a wise decision by MS to pacify its partners.

Microsoft just confirmed the release of Windows 8 for the 26th of October as I have informed in this post. This makes the release of Surface Pro to be end of January like I also informed.