Thursday, Facebook rolled out a brand new feature that most users have all needed at some point in their time on Facebook. You know that embarrassing moment when you comment “you speled that weong” and there’s no way to change it but delete it? Well, coming to you soon is a new comment editing feature. The new feature will appear as a pencil icon in the top right of your comment and will allow you to edit the comment as needed. So what’s the security of it? If you like a comment that says “Techtronica is the best tech website around” and someone changes Techtronica to IngramTek than you’ll be able to see that change in the comment history.

Facebook stated the following to Mashable:

” [the site will also be]..showing the editing history for a comment so that subsequent commenters or likers have the full context of the conversation”

Always keep in mind that this feature will become available to users independently and you should soon be noticing the change.

Above is a snapshot of the new comment editor feature