Windows 8 Release Preview has now been released! Check out our installation guide!

Get ready everyone. Windows 8 release preview will debut sometimes today, according to a report by Neowin. We will have more on that and a download link when it is available.

Please keep the following bits of important information in mind in regards to upgrading your PC to the release preview. You cannot upgrade directly from the Windows 8 Consumer Preview to the Release Preview. You will either need to revert back to Windows 7 and then do the upgrade or do a clean install.

Information about Upgrading

Windows 8 allows you to upgrade in three ways. You can keep all your files, settings, and desktop apps. This requires Windows 7. You can keep files and settings but not desktop apps; this method requires Windows XP or Vista to be already installed. Or, you can upgrade to Windows 8 without keeping anything.

Note: Regardless of how you upgrade, all files from your previous Windows Installation that was not migrated to Windows 8 (Depending on the type of upgrade you chose) will be placed in a folder called “Windows.old”. You can manually cut and paste documents, files, and other stuff to Windows 8 that hasn’t automatically transferred. Once done, you can use disk cleanup to remove the Windows.old folder to save a huge amounts of disk space. For this to work, DO NOT FORMAT YOUR DRIVE, even if you are doing a clean install.

We will have more so stay tuned!