Glowing Grand Central Apple Logo


A few weeks ago, I was able to make a trip down to New York City with fellow students from my college for a day trip. With my Nikon D3100 in hand and my girlfriend by my side, I hit the concrete jungle.

Now this is far from my first trip to the big city, but whenever I’m down there the photographer in me is itching to get into action. So whenever I’m there, I make sure I have some sort of camera there with me. This time it was my D3100.

About halfway through my day, I made my way down to Grand Central Station via the subway in great anticipation to check out the new Apple store. If you can recall late last year on December 9, Apple opened up their fifth store in Manhattan.

So I enter the majestic, iconic lobby area for the station with travelers and tourists rushing past me on all sides. I turn around and I was greeted by the infamous Apple logo lighting up the stairway that led to the store. Then…well the pictures in the gallery below show what I saw. Take a look:

So the store isn’t doing half bad with all of the traffic it’s getting in a very strategic location. I must say it’s pretty cool to see such a tech-savvy store in such a location.